JBL Tune 205BT Review – Budget Wireless Earphones Under 50$/2000 Rs.

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Here is our review and unboxing of the JBL Tune 205BT ( JBL T205BT) wireless earphones. You can watch the above video, or if you are a reading person, then you can read our review below.

JBL – a parent company of Harman, launched their website in India. And for the promotion, they ran a sale. Although still there is a sale going on their website and on Amazon as well. So we couldn’t resist and picked up a couple of items:

  1. JBL C200SI Earphones
  2. JBL Go Plus Portable speaker
  3. and JBL Tune 205BT wireless earphones


JBL Tune 205BT earphones are designed like a traditional wireless earphone. It won’t take anyone more than a look to recognize these wireless earphones. The two earbuds are connected with a centre cable running between the compartments. One is the in-line mic for answering calls and the second one is the battery compartment. These chambers are equidistant from each other. This makes the earphones to balance out easily onto your neck. Now speaking of cable, the cable on these earbuds are tangle-free flat cable, and I would say its a bit long, measuring roughly around 80 cm.
JBL T205BT wireless earbuds are also a very light pair of earphones. They weigh around 54.4 grams, and they are not very noticeable even if you wear them all day long. Now if you are not using the earphones, you can also use this little tie hook, to tie both the earbuds together. This will secure the earphones onto your neck when you are not using them.

Eartips design

Now JBL T205 are love me or hate me type of eartips. Some people still remember enjoying their old Apple earphones design. but now these days, most of the companies are just making those wax collecting earphones with jelly-like eartips. But if you are that guy who doesn’t like those designs, with exploding bass; where the only thing you hear is 808s, then you might like the JBL T205BT earphones. They are very comfortable to wear all day long, and you can isolate enough from the outdoor, that you know a car is blowing horn behind you on the sidewalk.


Everyone has their own weird colour choices. So the good news is you can pick up the JBL T205BT in black, blue, champagne gold, rose gold, silver and green.


The connections on the JBL Tune 205BT is pretty straightforward. As the name suggests “JBL T205 Bluetooth earbuds“, it connects via Bluetooth v4.0. This enables you to listen to your music or podcast without wires dangling around. You can also use it for your regular workouts.

Inline Mic

From most of the earphones, nothing can be expected in this portion and t205bt are no exception. These earphones have a very decent mic, and you can use it to take calls. I do want to mention that these don’t support assistant feature so you can’t use Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

Build Quality and Durability

Now speaking of build quality and durability, JBL T205 BT is made nicely. Most of the earphones from JBL are well made, and I’m expecting a good life from these wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the critical features that determine sales of any audio gear, whether it is speaker, headphones, earphones etc. For the sound quality of the JBL tune 205BT, then I have to say that they sound very premium and rich. First thing I noticed was, how rich bass response was. It was a very clean low end. Also not ignoring the high frequencies they were also very soft. It doesn’t come out like a saw on your ears. But instead, it sounds very balanced. Also, these earphones have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20Khz, for all of you specs people out there.


JBL T205BT are priced at roughly around 40$ or Rs. 2000. And because of the festive season, you can save a lot of bucks on these. Here are some of the links you can check out to see the price.

Also, check out our review of the JBL C200SI!

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