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The Inventar is a one source for all of your science and tech news. From Smartphones to Black holes, we cover everything that is related to the name of Science and Technology. In this internet dimension world we are with you to give you write news at the right time.

Reading articles is not everybody thing, we also make contents on other websites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and almost at every social media networks, @theinventar everywhere.

My Story

Shade the inventarHi, My name is Shivam Arora and people of the Tech Youtuber community call me the Tech Magician. All of my magic can be found on my YouTube channel and also in the video section of The Inventar Website. (Dramatic voice with some sun flares) When I was kid, I was very fascinated about technology. I remember when Nokia released their 3310 and it was my first time looking at phone for the very first time. I was 5-6 years old, i guess. It was actually my cousin’s phone. That was the point the interest keeps on building. Couple of years passed and my interest got bigger and bigger. Getting internet was another curve which edifice my curiosity about science and technology. It was 2004 (I was 9 years old) when I did some work for my dad in AutoCAD, just for fun. Selfies was no trend in 2007 but that was the year when the first selfie in the world was captured (may be) from Nokia N73, can’t show the photo here. It was 2008 or so when I tried photoshop and made some images by putting my faces on Linkin Park photos and lot more learning in those years. I’m not bragging about anything but that is my little story of how a keen interest on science and technology. Through the years, I learned a lot about it and still i don’t even know 1% of it. But you might be wondering how you ended up reading all this on TheInventar.com….

The Inventar

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In 2003, back in the days when internet and WordPress was a new thing in India. Me and my good friend gave some money to someone and they bought us domain and hosting. That was the fraud that we got but I think that was the price we paid for the first step in building website and joining online community. So we did some research on how to make website and made a website name “Icyiglu” which was a test website. We learned a lot about creating website and managing it. And relative to that we made a Youtube Channel. After a couple of years we named the channel as AndroRat which many of our readers know. That was timeline of my college period but as most of you know I’m and Architect by profession, and you might have seen some good memes on how architect live, you would be aware of what type of lifestyle I’m talking about. So I got caught up in studies and everything stayed where it was. But now after graduation, my primary passion, that was suppressed, is unleashing. So I ended up starting everything again and I’m pretty happy about my decision of sharing enthusiasm about science and technology.



Thanks to all of you guys for your continuous support through all these years. Without all of you guys this won’t be possible.  Thanks to everyone who lead me here and thanks for being an awesome human.

Stay Fit and keep our Mother nature fit.

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