JBL C200SI Unboxing and Review – Better than JBL C100SI Earphones?

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JBL – Budget Earphones King!

JBL have made their name in some of good audio gear makers. From expensive audio equipment to inexpensive one, they make some pretty high quality products. Especially in the budget earphones category they have taken over other companies like Sennheiser, Samsung etc.

Not everyone can afford premium earphones and some who can might, think it is waste of money. So everyone keeps their eye on budget earphones. In today’s modern technology one can get a descent pair of earphones without breaking the bank. Also with the budget earphones you are less worried about losing or breaking them. As JBL is of the great companies who make awesome budget earphones, as well as expensive one. But most of the time their major focus is on lower end audio gears.

JBL C100SiJBL C100SI Earphones

So JBL Dropped their JBL C100SI budget earphones which have customer rating of more than 17,000 customer rating with 3.8 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon India. These are one of the best budget earphones under 1000 rupees / 14$ by JBL. They are very light weight pair of earphones that you can easily put them all day long without noticing any weight hanging off of your ears. Sound quality is superb and build quality is upto the mark. With all these amazing feature they succeeded to create an ultimate budget wired earphones under 1000 rupees.

JBL C200SI – Upgrade from C100SI

DesignJBL C200SI Review Earphones

So first of all lets talk about the design of the JBL C200SI.  The JBL C200SI are designed like the traditional earphones and when comparing it with the JBL C100SI nobody can probably tell any difference between the two. Also they are very light weight, so you can easily listen to them all day long. C200SI weighs roughly around 18 grams. The earbuds fits very nicely into the ear which create a very tight fit. Its hard to knock them off with casually run and gun situation but when you jumping rope or doing some explosive workouts then it won’t stick there in your ears.

Everyone have their own favourite colour so JBL gives you the option to choose you C200SI from these 3 colours that is the Mystic Blue, Ice Grey and gun metal which was shown in the video. I personally love the gun metal. In Images it might look like black but in person it is actually copperish grey colour.

JBL C200SI Unboxing and review videoBuild Quality and Durability

I do have to say that these earphones are made to last long. JBL C200SIs are durable earphones. The C100SI were very durable earbuds and most of the buyers were youngsters. So JBL designed them to last longer period of time. And so does these. These are made to be beaten to death. And thats why people buy budget earphones, you don’t have to baby sit these headphones as you would have to do with your Beats Studios or any other expensive headphones.


The JBL C200SI earphones are hanging at the end of 4ft long soft touch tangle free cable. And at the other end there is a 3.5mm gold plated jack to connect this to the desired media.

JBL C200SI Review and unboxing earphonesSound Quality

JBL C200SI sounds awesome. They are better than the C100SI. But you can only appreciate the difference when you listen to them side by side. The C200SI are very balanced earphones. Powerful bass that you can head bang to and complimenting high frequencies which come nicely out of the drivers.

Passive Noise Isolation

These one is something that you don’t get in regular budget earphones. These are able to create a very tight fit into the ears which in results create a good isolation from the outdoor noises. So you can turn down the volume of the earphones and give less damage to your ears.

In-Line Mic

Like the JBL C100SI, JBL C200SI also comes with in-line mic that means you can easily use these earphones to answer calls. The mic sound very decent but you can check out the video to hear the audio test yourself.

Buy JBL C200SI Earphones on Amazon.in

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shade September 15, 2018 - 1:11 pm

These were one of the great earphones that I’ve tested so far, considering the price point.

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