Oneplus TV will hit the market soon!

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Oneplus TVs might hit the market soon. As every company manufacturer wants to stretch their arms to every tech product. All most every company is making every consumer electronic they can think of. For example Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and many more company make multiple tech products like TVs, refrigerators, smartphones etc. We think Oneplus is also following the same trend.

Oneplus, a Chinese company who made some pretty amazing flagship devices at a very low prices. Pata Leu, founder and CEO of Oneplus might follow the same formula to make their new TVs. He wen’t out on twitter tweeting that he is excited to take a next step forward in making new OnePlus TVs and want your suggestions on name. I know, you guys can quickly to this tweet and think of many OnePlus jokes. But here is the Exact Same tweet:

Whats great about this company is that it listens to what their customers want and they give them. So we do expect the same from their new products. But as of now nobody have any clue about the release date and specs of the Oneplus TVs but this something everyone would be keeping their eyes on from now.


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