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Instagram Shopping – Explore products in the Shopping Tab

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Facebook owned Instagram, is preparing to launch a new e-commerce shopping app. But before they do that, they decided to integrate a shopping tab inside the most used explore area. This lets heavy shoppers people to go to a page where they’ll only see products they can explore.

Lot of business are taking advantage of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. to make spread their brand awareness. And sellers are having a great success in that. And this feature will give the power of targeting audience specifically looking to roll their money on products.

We think that Instagram is getting really hungry for some pennies and that’s why they are building a separate app for selling products. And as far as we know, they’ll be successful in doing so. The only competitor they have to keep in mind is “Amazon“. If they successfully defeat them, they will win the game. Nothing can be said until we see anything in action. But until then, do you know Oneplus is expanding to make TVs. Read now!

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