Pixel 3/XL charging dock

Google Pixel 3/XL Stand – Pixel charging stand revealed in an animation

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Pixel stand charging for google pixel 3

Source : 9to5mac

Google Pixel 3 event 2018 event is around the corner, which is one 9 October 2018. And after seeing all these colors of the upcoming Google Flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, we are pretty excited for the launch. But there might be another reason for being excited for the launch which is their new “Pixel Stand” for their upcoming device. The new animation found in a beta google app by 9to5Google, clearly reveals the design of their new Pixel charging dock for the device.

It is pretty clear that the new pixel stand will dock the new pixel in portrait mode and most probably it would be wireless.  Also in the animation we can also see that it will continuously slideshow your recent images, although you can turn it off as you don’t want to show what mess you made in the last party.

Another hint was also there in the code of app, suggesting Google Assistant support. This indicates that you might be able to use the google assistant without picking your phone from the dock.

But nothing is confirmed from google side and we can just wait for any response from them. Until then, do you know you can now explore only products in your Instagram Explore area?

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